On this week's show, host Mario-Francisco Robles leads with the huge news that Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 is set to launch simultaneously in movie theaters and on HBO MAX on Christmas Day, December 25. He gives context for what this means, since folks are struggling to see this as anything but a loss for HBO MAX and Warner Media since the film would've easily cleared $1 billion at the global box office if they could wait until life gets back to normal in the states. In this new age we've entered, box office receipts are secondary to streaming dominance.

From there, MFR fields two questions sent in by listeners. One is about George Miller's Justice League Mortal, and how the DC cinematic landscape would've looked very different if they film had managed to get made. The second is about which upcoming Marvel project he's most excited about (HINT: It involves the next Captain America!).

Finally, he closes with how the family screening of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- Ultimate Edition went.

On this week's show, MFR shares the breakthrough experience he had watching MAN OF STEEL with his family. The lifelong Superman breaks down how several moments finally landed, and how the film simultaneously filled him with the joy that comes with having another Superman movie to love...while also reminding him that we're unlikely to ever get a true sequel.

From there, he discusses Zack Snyder's recent Catwoman tease, and the picture it paints of a Bat-centric storyline for his Justice League next year.

He then turns his attention towards the latest rumors about when (and how) we'll be able to see WONDER WOMAN 1984, and how the pandemic is forcing Warner Bros. to make some tough decisions about the hotly-anticipated sequel.

MFR then turns his attention to FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 and the rumor that Mads Mikkelsen is set to replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in the next film set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.

Dexter fans were recently given great news, with word that the series was getting a revival. But there's a crucial detail about the revival that really needs to garner more attention!

The episode then shifts into Listener/Viewer Questions, covering a wide array of geeky topics!

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles goes long-form on three topics sent in my listeners. The topics are:

  • Will movie theaters ever return to normal once the pandemic hits? What can theater chains do to attract people?
  • What makes for a good adaptation?
  • Superman's future in the movies and on the small screen.

Along the way, he touches on the latest rumors surrounding WONDER WOMAN 1984, he talks those THE BATMAN set pics, Ryan Reynolds' redemption of Deadpool, and more.

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles opens up about how he used his geeky nature to insulate and protect his kids from the pandemic sweeping the world.


MFR and his family lived through the insane month of April here in New York City, while living roughly 15 minutes away from the hospital that was being hit the hardest, and it took all of his fanboy powers to keep his kids entertained and optimistic through those scary times.


It's a testament to the power of movies, heroes, and belief.


He also breaks down his addiction to social media and why he had to step away for as long as he did, while explaining the way "echo chamber algorithms" are designed to keep you in a perpetual social media loop.


Along the way, he touches on the latest twists Ray Fisher's crusade against Warner Bros. for perceived wrongdoing on the set of Justice League.


Jared Leto is set to reprise his Joker for Zack Snyder's Justice League. What could that mean for the story they're telling? Does this "prove" that The Snyder Cut wasn't as finished as the director had claimed? What's going on with Ray Fisher and his battle with Warner Bros, and was anything actually illegal done against the Cyborg actor? What could Ben Affleck's Batman be up to if he gets more chances to don the cowl for HBO Max? 

The Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles tackles all of these topics, and a little more!

For this return to his weekly format, Mario-Francisco Robles dedicates this episode of The Fanboy Podcast to three long-form topics:

1. Marvel and DC's upcoming forays into the multiverse concept, and how one is destined to beat the other to several punches while on this decidedly similar path.

2. With so many movies getting delayed or shifted to streaming services, what can we expect to happen when it comes to preserving the theatrical moviegoing experience? Is this really THE END? Or is it the start of a new moviegoing culture?

3. A listener asks if MFR thinks Superman might best be suited for an HBO Max TV series, or if he has some other idea for how to make the Man of Steel connect with modern audiences.

An enhanced video version of this episode of The Fanboy Podcast can be found on YouTube.

This past Saturday, DC hosted an online event the likes of which we've never seen before- and it was enough to get The Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles back behind a microphone to share thoughts on what happened and what's to come.

From the Snyder Cut of Justice League to The Batman, from Wonder Woman 84 to The Suicide Squad- and the latest news on the Flashpoint movie (which will feature Ben Affleck's Batman AND Michael Keaton's Batman), there's a ton for MFR to sound off on.

With reports that Henry Cavill is in talks to return as Superman, and new details emerging about the size and scale of the Zack Snyder's Justice League, host Mario-Francisco Robles has a bunch to say- including how Jim Lee and HBO Max are amidst breathing all kinds of new life into a DCEU that was once thought to be defunct.

On Wednesday, the fanboy world was rocked by the news that Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE is coming next year, exclusively to HBO MAX.

There's a lot to sift through here, and it was enough to get MFR out of semi-retirement to talk about!

On this week’s edition of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles starts off by discussing that Ezra Miller cameo as The Flash in the Arrowverse’s epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event- and what that all means.

He’ll bring in quotes from top-level people from the Arrowverse, from HBO Max, and talk about how DC Entertainment’s film division got involved. It all ties back to what was discussed last week when Andy Muschietti said his The Flash movie would adapt the Flashpoint storyline, and how both the big and small screens are now working together to bring the DC multiverse to life in a way that’s never been seen before.

Along the way, he touches on what it was like to see Brandon Routh’s Superman fly one last time, and how important that was for his personal fandom of the character.

Then MFR turns his attention to the new trailers for Jared Leto's Morbius and Vin Diesel's Bloodshot.

On Morbius, he re-explores the unique dynamic between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios and what an insane compromise the former is forcing the latter to accept- now that they’ve made crystal clear that Morbius is set in the same world as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Somewhere in this section he also manages to address Scott Derrickson's departure from Doctor Strange Into The Multiverse of Madness.

This episode of The Fanboy wraps up on a brief discussion regarding Barbara Broccoli’s latest comments regarding the idea of gender-swapping James Bond.

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