This week on The Fanboy Podcast, hosts Mario-Francisco Robles and Brett Miro focus on last night's big report that Warner Bros Discovery has found its chief architect for DC- their own "Kevin Feige"- and his name is Dan Lin. 

Who is Dan Lin? What are his credentials and ties to previous DC projects? Is this a good move? What kind of a mess will he have to clean up with all the recent changes in direction (and release dates) for DC on film and TV? They discuss.

Also, what do recent comments by Jason Momoa mean for Ben Affleck's Batman, and how do they affect the original plans for the return of Michael Keaton's Batman? 

They tackle a bunch more, too. Including:

- WBD doubling down on Matt Reeves

- The story trailer for the Hogwarts Legacy game

- Gameplay shown of AEW Fight Forever

- The BioShock movie takes a big step forward!

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This episode features original music by Brett Miro.

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