The Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles has a lot of catching up to do on this week's episode. There've been a ton of really exciting castings pertaining to Matt Reeves' The Batman these last few weeks, and it's finally time to discuss what this cast brings to the table. Also discussed is the overall direction Reeves is taking our beloved Caped Crusader in, and how the latest comparisons being drawn are music to this bat geek's ears.

From there, MFR touches on some concerns he has about Daniel Craig's next and final outing as James Bond in Time To Die.

But after that brief pit stop, he launches into a full-on analysis of the latest news and rumors surrounding the future of the DC universe and the Star Wars galaxy via premium streaming networks HBO MAX and Disney+. From Green Lantern, to the upcoming Superman series, and the prospect of what Disney+ could mean to the future of Star Wars, there's a lot to say about all of the geeky splendor that's on its way to a streaming device near you.

On this week's show, The Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles talks about the polarizing brilliance of the moment that Todd Phillips Joker is having.

MFR also takes a moment to drop his two cents on all of the hoopla being made about legendary director Martin Scorsese's recent comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From there, he ventures into the latest casting news regarding Matt Reeves' The Batman- namely that Jeffrey Wright is going to be our new James Gordon!

Then he talks about his experience attending the first ever AEW Dynamite in Washington, D.C. a few nights prior, before tackling a slew of listener questions about a wide swath of geeky topics.

For the 100th episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles keeps it simple. There were a lot of interesting bits of news and notes that came out of this week, from all over geekdom, and he touches on a ton of it.

From Kevin Feige getting to make a Star Wars movie, to Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after an apparent split last month, to Todd Phillips' zeigeist-grabbing DC flick Joker, MFR has plenty to work with this week.

Then add in that the Arrowverse's upcoming DC TV event, Crisis on Infinite Earths seems to be the greatest gift to DC fans right now, and how both The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey have offered updates lately that confirm whispers he'd shared with you previously, and you've got a stacked show.

But as if that all wasn't enough, he closes the show talking about a trip he'll be taking to Washington D.C. next week to see the first-ever AEW Dynamite, as wrestling becomes the most exciting it's been in over a decade. He's got plenty to say about why it's important for AEW to succeed, and how they seem to have set themselves up for many successes. He also speculates about who one of Chris Jericho's mystery partners can be (and it would change...EVERYTHING).

After a long, needed break, Mario-Francisco Robles is back with Episode 99 of his top-rated show The Fanboy Podcast.

He starts things off right away with a deep-dive on the latest happenings between Sony and Marvel Studios where it now seems like a lock that we'll never see Tom Holland's Spider-Man as an Avenger again (but that he'll now play a pivotal role in films like Venom 2).

From there, he discusses the buzz AND the backlash surrounding Todd Phillips' JOKER starring Joaquin Phoenix, and what a genius move this was to make it a DC tale.

The final news item centers on Robert Pattinson's recent comments about becoming the new Dark Knight in Matt Reeves' The Batman!

Along the way, he also shares his thoughts on Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home and Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

This week's show is a little different. Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles recorded this one late at night with his family asleep down the hall, because he simply had to get some things off his chest and he wasn't sure he'd get a chance to record at his usual time tomorrow. So what you get here is straight stream-of-consciousness observations on a number of topics, including:

  • A night of dueling Batman rumors
  • The unbelievable amount of headlines the lead up to this film has generated
  • The dream state, discussing the interesting responsibility a filmmaker has to shepherd their audience with a sure hand and the responsibility of the audience to not be too easily led astray
  • Why does Man of Steel get crapped on for all of its destruction while no one bats an eye at what goes on in Godzilla: King of The Monsters?
  • Then, after a clear and lengthy disclaimer, he wraps up the final 20 minutes talking about All Elite Wrestling and how unbelievable the launch of the company has been


For this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles secured a very special guest. He was instrumental to one of the pillars of Marvel's Phase One, as well as to the X-Men franchise's rejuvenation with First Class; He's written for The FlashTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; He's got a new film arriving on Netflix today (Rim of The World) and is attached to write both Booster Gold and Big Trouble in Little ChinaHe's Mr. Zack Stentz.

MFR goes full geek, covering a laundry list of topics you won't want to miss if you're a fan of superhero movies.

Following a night of mixed signals about Matt Reeves' The Batman, Mario-Francisco Robles is here to recap it all and break it down for you. He shares where he stands on this confusing story, as well as with his old report about Armie Hammer being on the verge of becoming the next cinematic Batman. He also sounds off on the controversy this week surrounding the script for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie, and shares some insights he's gathered this week about the corruptive nature on hardcore online fandom- where even fans and bloggers with the noblest of intentions seem to get drowned out by the very worst, vile, toxic fans with their incendiary hot takes and childish petitions.

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles builds upon his "State of The DC Union" column on Revenge of The Fans. Of note, he expands upon his concerns regarding Ezra Miller's future as The Flash, drops some intel about the characters James Gunn is currently casting for The Suicide Squad (and is Idris Elba really up for Deathstroke?), and wraps things up with his feelings as he's about to attend his second viewing of Avengers: Endgame.

On this week's edition of The Fanboy, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles opens with the experience he had watching Avengers: Endgame last week. He shares thoughts on how both the experience and the film have aged for him (and it's not all smooth sailing). 

From there, he touches on the brief update we were all given about The Batman yesterday, and- of course- throws in his two cents and insights on the situations.

Then he dives the report he wrote earlier this week, outlining his concerns about Dwayne Johnson's future in the Worlds of DC, how Henry Cavill's Superman factors into that, and why the studio can't be blamed if things are at some sort of stalemate.

The Fanboy Podcast is back! After an unexpected monthlong hiatus, Mario-Francisco Robles is back with Episode 93 of his top-rated solo podcast.

On this week's show, the Editor-in-Chief of Revenge of The Fans talks about the significance of Avengers: Endgame, his thoughts on Shazam!- both as a film, and as a cog in the wheel of a franchise, the news of Ray Porter playing Darkseid in Zack Snyder's unreleased cut of Justice League, and he finishes by touching on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Give it a listen, and get back in the groove. The Fanboy Podcast will be back every Friday from here on out, as there is a lot to talk about in the months ahead.

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