On the 65th edition of The Fanboy Podcast (formerly the El Fanboy Podcast) host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-In-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles discusses several important topics. He opens with an explanation for the show's revised name and where he hopes to take the podcast moving forward, but then segues into some revised thoughts and insights that came to him on his second rewatch of Justice League.

That leads into a discussion about the importance of these seemingly trivial superhero movies.

From there, he turns his attention towards all of the bananas stuff coming out of Sony lately. From their ambitious SDCC plans, to the way they seem to be doubling down on their expanded Spider-Verse, and what he thinks it all means. One thing's for certain: With VenomSpider-Man: Into The Spider-VerseMorbius (!!!), Silver & Black, and seemingly more on the way...Sony's Marvel efforts aren't going anywhere (and that may have been their plan all along). 

Find out why it's a Win-Win for Sony, and a Win-Lose for Disney.

Then The Fanboy shifts its focus over to The Batman, the streaming DC Universe service, and some recent comments from Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige about how DC should use Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie as its touchstone moving forward.

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