On the 69th Edition of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles goes one on one with Mark Waid. They do a deep dive on their mutual love of Superman, what he's meant to them, what they think he needs to mean to the world, and where he's at today in the movies. 

But before that conversation, MFR catches you on all of the Marvel and DC analysis you need right now. From dissecting an aspect of the "Disney v James Gunn" controversy that too few are talking about, to revealing a decision the Mouse House is made that is sure to cause quite a stir, he explains the strange dichotomy of what's going on over there.

From there, MFR shares what he's heard from some people who have actually watched Aquaman! Find out what they're saying (and what they're comparing it to!), and while on the topic of DC he also shares some new insight into the Henry Cavill/Superman situation, and when we should expect some casting news about Birds of Prey and The Batman

He also announces who his next guest will be!

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