On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles opens up by expanding on the Batfleck: The Timeline piece he published this morning. He's got fresh insights into what went down between Affleck in the studio before, during, and after the production of Justice League. From there, he shifts into a discussion about how the slow moving reboot of the DCEU is continuing (and how Wonder Woman 1984 may expedite the process). 

After that, he warns listeners of a sharp left turn, giving them the opportunity to exit the episode 40 minutes in...so he can talk some wrestling!

That's right, MFR finally gets to sink his teeth into a subject he's been wanting to explore with you for the last few weeks. For the latter half of the show, he lays out the case for why he thinks wrestling is about to have another one of its big booms- It'll hinge on WWE trying its best to become relevant again by reaching out to a vital part of its glory days, and the rise of AEW!

Check out all that and more on this week's all-new episode!

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