With Zack Snyder's Justice League almost upon us, of course there are a few more wild stories related to the most controversial blockbuster of all time. 

Joe Manganiello's recent comments about abandoned plans for his Deathstroke- and the revelation of how Ben Affleck wanted to approach their onscreen rivalry- send MFR down a rabbit hole, discussing how Affleck's decision to abandon that project led to the creation of the multiverse that DC Films is about to head into.

Along the way, he discusses his hopes for what should happen after the Snyder Cut premieres on March 18- and part of that is putting to bed a false narrative that bloggers and critics are why everything got derailed with the original DCEU.

He concludes with some more raves for The CW's Superman and Lois, and an announcement about how his plans for a new Superman-centric fan site.

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