On this week's The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles analyzes DC's move away from "singular voices." He digs into the history of how Zack Snyder was once given free reign, and the keys to the kingdom, and how that seemingly backfired.

But MFR also points out that the two sides never seemed to be on the same page about what Batman v Superman was supposed to set up. Snyder was looking to continue a self-contained 5 part story, while the studio wanted a sprawling, interconnected universe.

From James Wan almost exiting Aquaman in 2016, to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson not fully embracing his Black Adam movie until the Snyder regime was over, there's lots to look at when breaking down how we ended up in a DC Universe that is terrified of one singular voice calling the shots.

Along the way, he shares what he thinks the best prospects for the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse camp are, because there's definitely still hope, and ends with some of the latest updates about what's to come in DC's cinematic future (They nixed New Gods and The Trench?!), and why we shouldn't be so scared because we're actually about to get a true filmmaker-driven universe for our beloved characters to play in.

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