On this week's edition of The Fanboy, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles opens with the experience he had watching Avengers: Endgame last week. He shares thoughts on how both the experience and the film have aged for him (and it's not all smooth sailing). 

From there, he touches on the brief update we were all given about The Batman yesterday, and- of course- throws in his two cents and insights on the situations.

Then he dives the report he wrote earlier this week, outlining his concerns about Dwayne Johnson's future in the Worlds of DC, how Henry Cavill's Superman factors into that, and why the studio can't be blamed if things are at some sort of stalemate.

The Fanboy Podcast is back! After an unexpected monthlong hiatus, Mario-Francisco Robles is back with Episode 93 of his top-rated solo podcast.

On this week's show, the Editor-in-Chief of Revenge of The Fans talks about the significance of Avengers: Endgame, his thoughts on Shazam!- both as a film, and as a cog in the wheel of a franchise, the news of Ray Porter playing Darkseid in Zack Snyder's unreleased cut of Justice League, and he finishes by touching on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Give it a listen, and get back in the groove. The Fanboy Podcast will be back every Friday from here on out, as there is a lot to talk about in the months ahead.

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles opens up by expanding on the Batfleck: The Timeline piece he published this morning. He's got fresh insights into what went down between Affleck in the studio before, during, and after the production of Justice League. From there, he shifts into a discussion about how the slow moving reboot of the DCEU is continuing (and how Wonder Woman 1984 may expedite the process). 

After that, he warns listeners of a sharp left turn, giving them the opportunity to exit the episode 40 minutes in...so he can talk some wrestling!

That's right, MFR finally gets to sink his teeth into a subject he's been wanting to explore with you for the last few weeks. For the latter half of the show, he lays out the case for why he thinks wrestling is about to have another one of its big booms- It'll hinge on WWE trying its best to become relevant again by reaching out to a vital part of its glory days, and the rise of AEW!

Check out all that and more on this week's all-new episode!

On this week's The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles shares his thoughts and insights on what's going on out there.

Another week, another edition of The Fanboy Podcast, where Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles sounds off on the latest big topics, trends, and concerns in geek fandom. In Episode 90, he addresses where things are at with both Captain Marvels, as Marvel's Brie Larson-starrer opens everywhere today, and as the social media embargo on Shazam! gets lifted notably early- opening the floodgates for all kinds of love for David F. Sandberg's film.

Other topics covered:

  • James Gunn
  • The Suicide Squad
  • In Hamada We Trust?
  • Geoff Johns
  • Superman

And more! Enjoy.

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles opens up by doing something few seem willing to do these last few years: Give Warner Bros credit for the way they've handled their biggest IPs. You'll want to hear why MFR thinks they've attempted to be at the cutting edge of blockbuster filmmaking, and why that needs to be celebrated (even if the current pop culture landscape is teaching them an important lesson right now).

From there, he dives into the latest updates and rumors on projects like The Flash, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad.

This brings him into a rant on James Gunn's firing by Disney, and the way the Mouse House will live to regret that knee-jerk reaction, and this gives way to chatter about Fox, Marvel, and the X-Men. Why? Because we got a new Dark Phoenix trailer this week and MFR has lots to say about the entire way people are approaching this film right now.

And much, much more.

Earlier this week, The Fanboy Podcast host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles came out swinging for the fences, believing to have snagged the most coveted casting scoop in the geek culture. He thought he'd finally answered the question everyone's been asking for quite some time: Who's Going To Play The Dark Knight In Matt Reeves' The Batman? He thought he'd found his man (and he still does). But that was just the beginning of the story. Get the lowdown on a crazy week!

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, MFR opens with thoughts on Affleck making it official (for the second time) that he's done as Batman. From there, he turns his sights onto Matt Reeves and what will become the new Batman of the DC universe, and makes sure you understand why Affleck didn't end up sticking around for this next Bat film. Hint: Reeves is not the villain here.

He also offers his latest on the type of actor Reeves is said to be looking for.

From there, he addresses some of the interesting things that have popped up this week for the World of Superman- and how that fits into the Worlds of DC that the studio is trying to launch and cultivate with several rumored projects.

Then he opens things up to you guys to ask questions, and you asked some whoppers.

Thanks to the show's listeners, MFR discusses:

  • Momoa's mysterious meetings this week
  • Snyder Cut
  • Batgirl
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • The Suicide Squad
  • James Wan's next DC Film
  • Shazam!
  • The next Superman film

And more.


On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles talks about a week of Superman rumblings that began with a Henry Cavill Instagram on Sunday and hit its zenith with news of a surprising cameo on Thursday. MFR is here to break all that down for you and give you the full context on what it all means.

From there, he turns his attention back to last week's list of rumored candidates to inherit the Batman cowl from Ben Affleck. It's time to start eliminating a few of those names, and he'll tell you why.

Then he shares an ongoing experience he's been having that's made him appreciate the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than he has in quite a while.

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles discusses this week's insanely seismic amount of DC news.

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